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This isn't a news post.

2011-09-08 16:51:01 by Nihility

What the fuck are you talking about. You guys are crazy.

New demo up!

2010-09-24 11:03:23 by Nihility

So I just put up a new demo... obviously... Anyway you should go listen to it! It's well on its way but I have a lot more work to do with it! /364609

So let me know what you think of it :D It may take me awhile to get the thing done due to college and work but hey, that's life.

Take it easy!

Can't think of a name....

2010-08-11 14:21:03 by Nihility

I can't think of a name for my new song. Which you should totally check out! Or not.... Your choice. Anyway I'd appreciate it if you could listen to it and maybe give me a few suggestions. I honestly cannot think of anything that fits it well. /354719

This is the link to the song. It's kinda rushed so its nothing too special. Anyway I hope you enjoy it.


2010-07-01 23:09:23 by Nihility

That's what I am. Completely uninspired. I'm working on 4 songs because of it. I hate having that many songs going on at once because I usually only finish four even though I like the other three.

So I'm asking you guys, what should I do. Force myself to work on shit or just put it off and let it hang over my head until I get some ideas? I'm stumped.

Some updates about my music though for my one or two fans (XD)

1. That collab song I had going on with my friend turned out really dark and evil sounding and we finished it up awhile back but I decided to hold back its release for madness day. My first time submitting for that so it should be interesting. Personally, I'm pumped.

2. I have 2 original songs and 2 remixes in the work at the moment.



Honestly though if you guys could help me out it would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time and take it easy newgrounds.

I totally have a new song up...

2010-06-15 00:51:50 by Nihility

And you should totally check it out... Or not. Seriously though. Check it out. It's called Nostalgic Dreams /340737

Anyway just wanted to post that and that I have a new song in the works with a friend of mine right now. He usually listens and writes metal music so it should turn out pretty interesting unless I end up writing it. Woah I just bashed myself unintentionally. Subconscious hatred of myself much?


I've also got a Straight to Video remix coming along too so expect that in a few weeks or so.

Well that's all for now.

Later :)


2010-05-30 13:55:21 by Nihility

Hello! My name (on this site at least) is Nihility. I'll be making a lot of music over the next few months now that summer is finally here. After that though, I'm off to college and then who knows what. I hope you guys like it! Have a kick ass day.